Cheshire Volunteer Fire Dept.

"The Pride of Canandaigua"

Welcome to the Cheshire Fire Department's Website

Our History

The Cheshire Volunteer Fire Department Inc. was established on September 30, 1948.

 Who We Are and What We Do:

Here at the Cheshire Vol. Fire Dept., we provide our local community with First Responders and Firemen to multiple types of emergencies, including, Fires, Motor-Vehicle Crashes, Multiple-Type's of Alarm's, Medical, Search and Rescue, and more. We are located South-West end of the Town of Canandaigua, NY.

We are part of the heart of our community and devote numerous hours to train and be prepared for any kind of situation that arises, no matter what time of day.  We also host many events and fundraisers at our very own Fire Department and take pride in everything that we do.

 Our Mission Statement:

The Mission Statement set forth upon the men and women of the Cheshire Volunteer Fire Department  shall be to protect and preserve the life and property of all persons residing or visiting the Community of the Cheshire Volunteer Fire Department.

2017 Officers Line-Up:
Chief 40:                   Jeff Miller
Asst. Chief 401:        Mike Northrup
Asst. Chief 402:        Chris Brown
Asst. Chief 403:        John Springer
Fire Captain 404:      James Busch
Fire Captain 405:      Matthew Lafave
EMS Captain 406:    Justin Reader
EMS Captain 407:    Marcus Springer
Fire Lieutenant 408:  Steve Lacrosse
Fire Police Captains:   Brian Lyons & Jeff Pfeiffer

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