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Cheshire Volunteer Fire Dept.

"The Pride of Canandaigua"

Members of the Cheshire Fire Department

Active and Exterior Firefighters

John Adams

Michael Boyce

Chris Brown

Chris Burt Jr.

Shawn Campbell

Gerald Chrisman

Kevin Cotter

Ben Cramer

James Delforte

Brendan Doherty

Brandon Enmal

Robert Finger

Nick Francese

Charles (Chuck) Friden

Robert (Frosty) Frost

Phillip Gibeau

Henry Gitter

Jareth Graves

Brady Hackett

Matt Holbrook

Brytzin Johnson

Matthew LaFave

Ryan Lokken

Brian Lyons

Crystal Martin

Jeff Miller

Michael Miller

Cris Milne

Ben Mincer

Jeff Moulton

Michael Northrup

Taylor Northrup

Ruth Outhouse

Jeffery Pfeiffer

Raymond Pfeiffer

Kevin Pollack

Bryce Raeman

Daniel Ransom

Justin Reader

Richard Roxin

James Russell

Derrick Smith

Deborah Speed

John Springer

Ryan Springett

Kimberly Streff

Kyle Sykes

Cory Westbrook

Glen Zimmerman

Service Members

Mark Bowker

Sue Bowker

Emma Boyce

Katelyn Boyce

Paul Brahm

Sandee Brahm

Andrea Brown

Patricia Campbell

Sam Casella

Brittany Colf

Joy Daggett

Carole East

Chad Egan

Nancy Finger

Daniel Fonda

Gayle Frost

John Frost

Fred Goodnow

Nancy Goodnow

Jareth Graves

Gale Hribar

Daniel LaCrosse

Tom LaCrosse

Paul Lamphier

John Leboeuf

Bethany Miller

Dawn Miller

Ginny Miller

Jaden Miller

Sumer Miller

Dan Mitchell

Connor Moore

Richard Nicholson

Bob Quayle

Sally Seeber

Kenneth Speed

Chelsea Springer

Deborah Springer

Marcus Springer

Kayla Stadt

Bob Stanton

Rose Stanton

Pat Terwilliger

Travis Wooley

Junior / Restricted Firefighters:

Storm Copella

Marcus Francese